10 Tips for Aeroplane Travel

You're probably familiar with the fact that I'm a frequent traveller and mostly fly short-haul, however I have a few tips to share that do make aeroplane travel a lot more comfortable and less stressful.
1: Pack some extra socks
Aeroplanes can be very cold, so having a pair of cosy socks, or normal socks, can help to keep your feet warmer, especially if you're wearing sandals or want to remove bulkier, uncomfortable shoes.
2: Carry a headphone splitter
These come in so handy if you aren't travelling alone, as you can watch the same show, or listen to the same music as the person you're with, but both have a full set of headphones. You can pick these up cheaply from Amazon
3: Use a bright pouch for travel documents
I don't know about you, but I always carry a large tote bag as hand luggage and tend to lose my passport and boarding cards within all the random stuff in there, so I tend to pack all my important documents, including car hire forms and directions to where I'm staying, in a small, colourful, easy to recognise and find pouch - the one I use now is a swimsuit bag from Primark as it's waterproof too, so if my drink spills it won't wreck my passport!
4: Bring some lavender oil
Lavender oil is very relaxing, so it's perfect if you're an anxious or nervous flyer, or if it's you're first time flying, but can also be sleep-inducing if you're on a long-haul flight.
I don't go anywhere without my smaller Anker portable charger, however when I'm on a flight I take my huge, slightly heavier one, as I'm constantly on my phone or watching things on my iPad, and I don't want to run out of battery power!
6: Want to sleep? Bring an eye mask
Especially if it's a short-haul flight, the lights will be on, and if it's 3am and you want to get some sleep, an eye mask is essential for getting some shut-eye before landing, to block out any lights.
7: Download TV episodes and movies
Amazon Prime now allows you to download movies and TV episodes onto your device to watch when you don't have wifi, which is fab (I watched a full season of 'The Office' last trip!), and you can also buy movies to download from iTunes.
8: Snacks are vital
If you're flying with a budget airline, no food or drinks are provided. Whilst you can't bring drinks through security, cereal bars, bags of dried fruit, crisps and other snacks can fill up your handbag and keep you going throughout your flight, and save you money as you don't have to pay for expensive, unappealing, unhealthy aeroplane food.
9: Bring an extra scarf
Alongside the scarf you wear (because damn are planes cold!), an extra scarf can act not only as a blanket on the plane or a pillow, but can also be used to cover over the top of a tote bag without a zip so people can't get inside easily and steal things.
10: A hoodie is a must 
Hoodies are lightweight, can be slung around shoulders or tied around your waist, but keep you warm on the plane, and the hood can cover up your identity when you're followed by paparazzi at the gate!

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