What's On My iPhone: Updated

Since my last 'What's on my iPhone' post was quite popular, I thought that I'd update you on the new apps I have! (Most of what I had before I still have too, so this is just new apps!)

National Rail is an essential for planning train routes and seeing train times

Shazam is what I use to find songs for dance, or when I'm watching a TV show and I love the music.

Dropbox is how I transfer photos from my phone to computer and vice versa.

BBC Weather is my favourite weather app as I find it to be most accurate, and knowing the weather is vital in order to plan my day (and my outfit!)

I use Find iPhone just in case I ever lose my phone and need to know where it is.
Amazon Video is great for watching shows or movies on-the-go.
My friends and I constantly use Dubsmash to create funny, ridiculous videos!
Obviously, Twitter and Youtube are essentials.
Buzzfeed quizzes are how I occupy a lot of my time!
I use Afterlight to edit all of my Instagram photos.
Uber is great for calling cabs and cars cheaply.
Bunny Free has a list of cruelty-free beauty brands at the click of a button.
Seven is my favourite workout app (just 7 mins every day!)
I use Mango to track my food and calorie intake every day, to keep it under 2000 calories. It's easy to use and you can input your own foods too.

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