Products I've Used Up #5 | April Empties

 Okay, so I haven't done an empties post since NOVEMBER!!! I know, I'm an awful blogger, therefore I have a lot of products to share with you today so shall we crack on? We shall...

I thought I'd give Dove products a whole category of their own considering there are quite a few of them. First up are bodywashes, which I love almost as much as soap and glory but they don't last as long. The Deeply Nourishing Body Wash was a thick cream that left my skin feeling clean but still moisturised, and it smelt gorgeous, like clean sheets! The other bodywash is the Creme Mousse Brightening one - this was like a foamy mousse that was so bubbly and made my legs so smooth after shaving with it. The Original Deodorant spray was something I wanted to use up - I used to religiously use dove deodorant, but now I have Mitchum, so I layer and it keeps me smelling fresh. For hair, I have two of the Nourishing Oil Care Deep Conditioner as it leaves my hair super soft and detangles amazingly - will defo be repurchasing when it goes on offer again. Another thing I want to repurchase is the Nourishing Oil Care Conditioning Spray as it works fabulously at detangling and smells DIVINE!

Couple more haircare bits here - the Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray was okay, but I felt like the scent wasn't strong enough to mask the hairspray smell. The Herbal Essences Fresh Balance Shampoo is my clarifying shampoo of choice, but I'm using head and shoulders at the moment and like that too, but this does get the gunk out of my hair and leaves it super clean. The Tresemme Liquid Gold is a product I have already repurchased as it just works with my hair - it smooths the ends and leaves my locks glossy. A Mitchum deodorant... what can I say, I love me some good anti-perspirant.

Some makeup now - the Collection Clear Mascara worked well as a brow gel, but I'm not overly fussy. I love the 2true Concealer as an alternative to Collection's infamous one, but being a concealer junkie I love to try new things. Witch's BB Cream is a must have for everyday blemish control and covers my imperfections naturally. The elf Clarifying Powder provides coverage whilst mattifying, and I already have another in my collection. Lastly, and the most sad empty, is the L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara - this was my favourite mascara, and unfortunately it has been discontinued *sob*.

From the Botanics All Bright line, I have the Night Cream and the Cleansing Toner. The toner is a staple that I use daily and will always have one of, but the night cream just wasn't moisturising enough and its gel consistency didn't sink into my skin very well. Primark's wipes are great for wiping off swatches (or for late nights like last saturday after a late party at my friend's house where all we wanted to do was sleep at 3am!). My Harajuku Lovers 'Snow Bunnies G' Fragrance doesn't smell the same anymore so I thought it best not to use, but I will be keeping the doll on top!

Last are a few skincare bits - No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream was great when my skin became really dry but for everyday is a bit heavy on my normal skin. Clean and Clear Dual Action is a serious HG item as it keeps spots at bay most of the time, but do cut into the tubes as there is a lot of product left over when nothing squirts out the cap. Una Brennan's Rose Cleanser was amazing as a morningtime light cream cleanser and I would love to repurchase but it's never in stock at my local Boots! elf Mist and Set Spray is an oldie, and I used to use a setting spray everyday. Now I don't and haven't noticed much of a difference in my skin or makeup wear time. Last is the Balance Hyaluronic Youth Serum was a bit of an alternative to Hydraluron, with a derivitive of Hyaluronic acid in it, but I didn't notice a big difference in my skin, although I would repurchase.

What have you finished recently?

Love, E X

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