The Weekend Post #14: Spring Wishlist #5

I haven't done a wishlist post since a bit before my birthday in November so I thought I would do another. These are some things I want for spring/summer or am just lusting after...

1 - ASOS Contrast Bow Bikini - how adorable is this? I have to admit, I have already cheekily ordered this for a spring break party I'm attending because I love blue on me, and the bow back is just so cute! Plus, it's in the sale here.

2 - Canon 600d - I really want a DSLR, not just for blogging but for my holiday photos and more focusing options. My grandad, being a retired photographer and wanting me to persue his passion, has agreed to go halves with me; now I have to save about £400 eek!

3 - Quick Fix Facials Charcoal Mask - a new release from the brand, this mask is only a fiver and looks like it'll work amazingly at clearing out my pores, and I haven't seen too many charcoal based masks on the high street so this could be one to watch.

4 - Frozen - do you wanna build a snowman? or let it go? I have watched so many clips of this, and being a Disney lover I must pick this up!

5 - Naked 3 - ok, ok, I probably won't pick this up as I do not need any more eyeshadow, however it looks stunning, and I would love it, but £40 for 12 eyeshadows, meh. But, it is gorgeous and I will swatch and stare every time I'm in Debenhams...

6 - Essie Turqoise and Caicos - love the name, love the turqoise shade. This is a colour I would rock with matching toes and fingers over summer - will have to buy this at some point, maybe with the £35 of boots points I've saved... I do not even want to consider how much money I've spend to accumilate that.

What's on your wishlist?

Love, E X

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