blowpro Mane Tame Soft Pomade Review + Hair Shots

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I don't splurge on my hair all that often, and I don't necessarily give it any TLC where needed, plus I rarely have it cut having spent the first 11 years of my life with a seriously awful 'do resting just above my shoulders *insert 10 year old me with bob and braces - urrgghh!*. Although saying this I am having (or had as that happened on Monday - dahm you scheduled posts!) a good couple of inches cut off the ends for Spring. Anyway, back from that tangent and onto the review on a little product I decided to slightly splurge on - the BlowPro Mane Tame Soft Pomade.

As soon as it was released into Superdrug this chic-ly packaged haircare line intrigued me but £10 on a shampoo... no chance. However, I had a bit of time and some spare cash so I picked up the pomade to try and I am really impressed. I rub the thick creamy wax into my palms then spread it through my hair to tame the flyaways and make it appear sleeker. I think it does a really good job as it holds all day and does 'maintain' or, you could say, 'mane tame'. Haha, so funny... not.

Is it worth the £11.49 - I don't think so, and I would be more likely to try something from VO5, but if you want to splurge definitely give this one a go - I'll certainly be trying a few more bits from the BlowPro line, any recommendations? I've heard good things about the hair mask...

Love, E X

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