5 Things To Do This Month: April 2014

This is the second installment in my new series, '5 Things To Do This Month', and I can't wait to share what ideas I have for you!

1. Find... old friends. Yes, yes, I was always very anti-facebook. But with a lot of convincing from my friends, I finally joined (no, I won't be putting my personal facebook on my blog) and have met some old friends who I haven't seen in years, met up with them and we are now closer than ever. I think it's also a great device to chat to people on, for example every night I've been chatting to a friend of mine who I used to see every single saturday but since our classes are over we won't be seeing as much of each other - so we got in touch and have spoken every day since. I'm meeting him over my Easter break. So much can happen from just one 'hey x'.

2. Pamper with... Soap and Glory's Heel Genius. It's like a thick foot cream/balm that I smother my feet in then wrap them in socks, leave on for the length of about 3 inbetweeners episodes, take off the socks and reveal happy, soft, smooth feet. Perfect for the warmer weather we're now getting if you like wearing sandals or, in my case, flip flops.

3. Treat yourself to... summer shorts. Summer may be a few months away but if like me you have an Easter holiday coming up where you have a few parties with that one friend who likes to bring out the Super Soakers and drench everyone, shorts are great. Plus, with this slightly warmer weather you never know, we may be sunbathing in out bikini tops and shorts.


4. Watch... Soul Pancake's 'The Science of Happiness'. There are about 5 videos in this playlist teaching us how to be thankful and happier. They're only about 5-10 minutes long but the meanings behind what they do are emotional, and their subjects always come out happier, a great one to watch if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps.

5. Read...  C'est Lauren. This New Zealander has some amazing ideas and beautiful pictures. Definitely one to follow via Bloglovin', she is lovely and I can't wait for you to discover her, say I sent you!

Tell me which of these you're going to try, and let me know something I should do this month.

Love, E X

PS - 200 posts thanks everyone! X

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