Current Summer Skincare Favourites

I've realised recently that I haven't spoken a lot about skincare outside of monthly favourites posts so I thought I might talk a little about my favourites.

I've been using some amazing high-street products that have been helping a lot with my blemishes and dehydration. I'll say a little about each product and if you have any more queries ask away in a comment and I'll 100% answer you the best I can.

Pure Instant Radiance Skin Tonic // £6 // M&S // This is a good alternative to Pixi Glow Tonic for a third of the price - and it's alcohol free! It smells a bit funky but you get used to that - I use a couple pumps of this on a cotton pad every morning (then the simple toner in the evening) and it leaves my face feeling clean.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] // £15.50 // Escentual // I was without this for 1 week and noticed a difference - this really helps to prevent those big, painful, under-the-skin spots that leave scars and provides a really good canvas for a moisturiser and makeup.

Botanics Facial Oil // £9.99 // Boots // I love this oil as it is super nourishing and doesn't smell awful like some I could mention. It's a great night-time moisturiser and helps to fade scars and clear up breakouts faster. 

Indeed Labs Peptalash // £24.99 // Boots // I've been trialling this for about 4 weeks now and can really see a difference in the shade and length of my lashes. My eyelashes have always been an insecurity for me and I hate not wearing mascara, but this is improving them so much so quickly, I love it!

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel with Active Charcoal Face Mask // £3.59 // Boots // After picking this up on a complete whim one saturday, I'm totally impressed. Despite looking very scary when wearing it, this mask leaves my skin glowy and clean and after a few uses really helps to diminish spots and pimples - not a lot on the blackhead front though.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + // £30.00 // Boots // Although I'd never spend that much on the full size of this moisturiser, I really like the feel of it on my skin and it doesn't make me oilier under makeup throughout the day - one to pick up another sample of methinks...

Pai Trials // £8.00 // // I received the Pai trial pack for my birthday and have just got round to using a few things - the Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Cream is a good'un for under makeup, as is the Geranium & Thistle Combination Rebalancing Day Cream. The hydrating cleanser is perfect for after a morningtime face mask and the exfoliator is good after a long day. 

What are your current skincare favourites?

Love, E X

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