The SPF Edit 2014 Featuring Nivea, La Roche Posay & Hawaiian Tropic

As you may be aware, I'm pretty pale, which means I have to apply a good sunscreen during these sunnier months. I'm going to give you the lowdown on the SPFs that have been preventing red shoulders and sunburnt skin.

For the face, I've mentioned the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+ Fluid a few times (read: 1000 times) as it's just darn fabulous. It isn't greasy or oily, lasts all day and doesn't smell weird or feel sticky. I can't feel this on my skin at all, and it provides a skin-like finish, not too matte but not shiny or oily, so can be worn under or without makeup. The price tag is a reasonable £16.50 from Boots or Escentual (where it's currently on offer!).
I have a couple of body SPF picks. For my holiday to Athens where it was scorchio I used the Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh SPF 50 which is really quite cool - it's a spray-out sunscreen, which has the consistency of a dry oil, and rubs in really quickly and non-greasily (avoid applying right after shaving as damn! that stings!). As my father pointed out, it also has a really pleasant smell. I wouldn't put this stuff anywhere near my face but for the body on holiday, it's perfect for the whole family to use and is from a high-street brand so can be found easily and isn't overly pricey at around £15.

Last is my favourite suncream for everyday; Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance SPF 30. I apply this if I'm out for the day and it's pretty sunny (not everyday if I'm out as a girl needs her vitamin D!). It smells divine and sinks in really quickly. With the moisturising benefits of a body moisturiser and isn't sticky at all! I find that it leaves a pretty glow to the skin, not shimmery but just glowy, but I haven't found that it helps tanning at all. I have the smaller size which works well in a handbag, but I'm considering ordering the full size from Fragrance Direct where it's a bargainous £5.99!

What SPFs have you been using?

Love, E X

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