Peachy-Pink Glosses for Summer

I've been neglecting my lipglosses recently forever. I own a lot, and I love the way they look but I just don't gravitate towards them, but this month I have been trying to use them and these three have been my favourites... surprise, surprise, they're all peachy pinks.

The Natural Collection makeup line is so underrated, and the Juicy Lips Gloss (thumbs up for that tacky name) is only £1.99 - I have the shade 'Fondant' which is a beautiful light peachy colour which smells like vanilla. YUM!

I don't know whether this colour has been discontinued, but the Revlon Super Lustrous Glosses are some of my favourites, and the shade 'Pink Crystals' goes with every lip colour to make it a bit glossier and a bit peachier and just more me

Last is the one I tend to pop on before a date (oo err) - the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL - as it plumps up your lips and makes them just look a little better. It does feel tingly but it isn't painful which is a good thing, but does tend to get slightly sticky so be prepared for that.

What is your fave gloss?

Love, E X

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