Mini-Haul including H&M and some beauty bits...

Hi, I'm Liz and I'm a shopaholic - but these things really were necessary! Kinda...

First stop on my little trip out on the district line to Wimbledon (well-worth a wander round, plus there is a lovely theatre) was H&M. In the shopping centre next door to the station there are FOUR H&Ms - I know, it is excessive but one is for men, one children and two for the womenswear. I was spoilt! Although wanting nearly the whole shop, just the same as every other venture into H&M goes, I picked up 2 things. An essential, H&M leggings, which are my favourites as they're not so thin that your knickers are on show, they don't have a thick waistband that twists around and makes them uncomfortable to wear after washing, and I wear the XS size, which is a real confidence-booster! (let's be honest, that's the only reason I pay £6 on these leggings). Last from H&M was this super cool skirt which was a bargainous £7 in the sale - it has a really interesting tribal/geometric print across it and a zip which goes down the front of the skirt - a flattering shape which makes me look a lot more bootylicious than whats really going on back there (aka nothing).
Then in Boots I had a £2 off Revlon voucher, and my advantage card seems to be giving me £1 off every time I shop now (anyone else's doing this?) PLUS Revlon lips and mascaras were on 2 for £10. Bearing in mind the fact that, at full price, each of these mascaras is £9.99 and I got 2 for £7, I considered this a very good attempt at being a real couponer (to be honest it was just luck, but don't tell Mama that). Anyways I picked up the Bold Laquer Mascara and the Lash Potion Mascara, both in Black Waterproof. So far so good with the Bold Laquer, haven't tried Lash Potion yet.

Lastly in Superdrug I needed some cotton wool and the Large Square Baby Cotton Wool Pads were on 3for2 so I picked up 2 and mum got 1, so we split the cost 3 ways, but I rip them in half for toner, and use a whole one with makeup remover and I have to say, once you go big you ain't going back. Then I spotted the new MUA Brow Define Gel in Fair - it's like the new rimmel ones but for £2 and so far it's working really well on taming my brows, anyone want a full review? Comment if you do!

That's what I've picked up recently, anything I need before I go back to not shopping but schooling 24/7? (*cough* more like 9/5 *cough*)

Love, E X

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