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Today is a bit of a random post but it's a wardrobe tour. A little note first which is I own a lot of clothes, and this isn't everything - I keep tees, shorts and some other clothing in drawers and then my more wintery clothing (read: jumpers and thicker dresses) is stored in my cupboard. I have no idea where the wardrobe is from, they were fitted with cupboards above but we removed the cupboards so now it's just a wardrobe. The brown boxes are from IKEA. Now onto the clothes...

On the top shelf I store hats, boots I might wear in the summer including my short cowboy boots and wellies, and in the brown box are handbags and other random fashion items (not all my handbags,. just the ones I might need).

The clothes may look disorganised but they are, I promise! From the left I have school uniform (yes, purple stripes, I know), then jackets, cardigans, shirts, skirts, playsuits, jumpsuits, casual dresses, smart dresses and other smart attire.

To the right is this hanging contraption from IKEA - it has 10 slots which are meant to store shoes but I use them to store jeans, trousers, PE kit and some clothing I want to alter.

At the bottom I store some of my shoes, as we keep some in a cupboard downstairs.

To the left on top of a box full of handbags (it's an addiction) are pumps and brogues.

Then on the floor I have heels, sandals and this spotty pair of trainers.

If you have any queries about my wardrobe don't hesitate to comment or email me at

How do you organise your wardrobe?

Love, E X

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