What's In My Beach/Pool Bag 2014?

Now, living in London means I don't spend too much time at the beach but being a keen swimmer means I spend a lot of time at pools so this is what I keep in my pool bag (+ what I would take to the beach too).

Essentials include your swimsuit, a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and SPF lipbalm.

Then some other items for entertainment are a magazine, iPod, notepad and pen, your phone and a nailfile.

I know I tend to feel peckish after a swim so I carry cereal bars (and gum to freshen up afterwards).

I like to carry some beauty items even though I don't wear makeup swimming, but still a perfume, blotting sheets, lip colour, tissues, hairties and wipes are useful.

As I'm a babysitter and sometimes take my babysit-ees to the pool I also carry antibac gel, plasters (Hello Kitty themed, obviously) and antiseptic wipes for any accidents (not to mention other items in case of child-related accidents, but I didn't think they really needed to be mentioned).

I've already mentioned child-related accidents, but I carry all my stuff in a wipe-clean bag just in case...

What do you keep in your pool/beach bag? Would you like to see a 'what i keep in my babysitting bag' post?

Love, E X

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