Mini Primark Haul October/November 2014

 Oops she did it again - but I had half an hour to kill on Tottenham Court Road and Primark was right there... nope, no excuses, I admit to being a Primarkaholic. I only really bought basics, so I thought I'd share the few items I did pick up just in case you were interested... note: there's a lot of black.

I supressed a squeal when I saw these - I have the Super High Waist Skinnys in Indigo but they never have the black in an 8, my size, and they had them at the TCR store so I had to purchase. They are basically Topshop Jonis for £10, super soft, super high waisted and now in a 28" length which is perfect for me, as I have diddy little legs!

I spent a whole £2.50 on another black long-sleeve scoop neck tee, as I love them with jeans, scarves and boots in Winter or for dance, so it really was essential to re-stock - I tend to buy them a couple sizes bigger so they're not tight-fitting.

I also purchased the jumper (hauled here) in black as I do wear them all the time and the black will be perfect for holiday evenings (ie the holiday I'm already home from... scheduling is weird). The other couple things I bought were oval cotton wool pads for my nan, and one of their backless, strapless bras as I have a new backless dress, and I'm not brave enough to go bra-less... plus, it was only £5 and works as a normal bra anyway.

Comment if you love Primark hauls!

Love, E X

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