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I had a bit of a slip up during a 5 minute break in Covent Garden by which I accidently took a wrong turning whilst distracted on the phone and ended up opposite Muji. Of course I went in, and due to my complete lack of self control and stationery addiction, bought a few items.
First up was this simple notebook for £1 which I'm using for doodles and blog post planning - it's a good size with thick paper so is perfect for popping in a bag as a boredom-buster. I also picked up four of the 5mm gel pens for £1 each as they are my favourite pens for school - I bought two blacks as that's the colour I tend to write in most often, a red for marking in Biology and a green because it's good for underlining or note making.

The last thing I chose was this pen holder which attaches to a notebook so that you don't necessarily need a pencil case - my PE teacher had one and my best friend really liked it, then forgot she wanted one, so I bought this for her. I think is was around £3 but I'm not entirely sure.

Although I love Muji, it does annoy me that prices in the UK are so much higher than the literal conversion from Yen to Pounds (ie 100 Yen is equivalent, at time of writing, to just over 50p) - therefore, if I'd purchased my notebook in Japan, it would have cost me around 50 pence - half what I paid! Still, I do think it's good value for good quality stationery in the UK too which isn't gender specific either - I hate generically girly stationery!

What is your favourite place to buy stationery?

Love, E X

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