Rambly Thank-Yous

Today I have some thank-yous to say, to some very special people in my life who have made the past few weeks a bit easier.
I've drafted and deleted about 3 posts covering depression, anxiety, panic attacks and all-around sadness, but I thought they were quite depressing (how ironic) and I didn't want my readers to feel that way - instead, I'm going to thank some people who helped; they probably don't know they did, but they did.

My RS teacher - Mrs T, you're the most amazing and understanding teacher, and I'm so happy that you're my teacher. Without your listening skills I don't think I could get through the day.

My best friend - Bexter, you're the best. 'nuff said really.

The friend who is my crazy bae - you know who you are, with your tickling, hugs and all-round happiness, you lift my spirits when no one else can.

The friend who got back in touch - I'm sorry it ended on bad terms before, thanks for the forgiveness and talking to me throughout the usual awake hours of an insomniac.

The friend who messages me every night - even if all we say is 'hiya, how's u', it helps. Really. And I'll never get bored. Pinky promise.

The friend who is as depressed as I am - I'm here for you, as I know you're here for me.

The friend who is always upbeat - you never moan, grumble, or bitch about anyone. And I love you for it. And for that eclair tonight; it was delish.

The friend who helps me with my Chemistry - and every other subject to be honest. And thanks for keeping up with my issues, and listening to me moan: it must be boring.

And to all of you reading, who read my content and leave me comments or tweet me - anything brightens my day.

Love, E X

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