what's in my dance kit?

I don't mention dance very much on here but I'm big into dance. As in, I love dance and spend many an evening practising at home or with my 'crew' or partner. If you're interested, I'm more of a jazz/contemporary dancer than ballerina or hip-hop but do experiment with other styles too - I'm currently dancing in a school production in which I'm part of the High School Musical 'We're All in This Together' sequence - my 9 year old self is in her element!
But enough waffling, and onto my dance essentials! Firstly, you need the appropriate attire - I love leggings and a loose-fitting jumper or tee that is off-the shoulder as I find that the most comfortable style. I buy all my leggings from H&M as they fit me the best however find leggings with good support to dance in that don't show your pant lines or prints (the last thing you want is your partner catching sight of your Hello Kitty boxers). I also wear a good-fitting supportive sports bra in order to prevent my (large-ish) boobs from bashing someone's eye out! Hair is also something that shouldn't be whipping around at everyone so I usually wear a messy bun or ponytail and have spare hair ties - I'd avoid the bobby pin in dance as a lot of the time they can pop out and catch on things.

Before I dance, I like to suck a mint or chew gum (but do spit out before you begin as you could choke). This is because, when doing partner work, you can be in quite a close proximity to someone and having bad breath ruins the mood and roles you're trying to play. I also always carry water and an energy bar as dance, like swimming, can make you very hungry. After dance, I always apply a foot cream - ever heard the phrase 'ballerina feet'? Doesn't just apply to ballerinas, but to all dancers and my feet are not exception to the EWW GROSS rule if I forget to really take care of them.

A couple of things you'll rarely see a dancer without are paracetamol - dance alongside other work can be stressful and lose you sleep with all the other important things to do, so headaches occur FREQUENTLY. We also carry our phones religiously, mostly for Shazam app - this detects any song that is being played in the background which enables us to find new music and let ideas flow easily.

What sports do you do?

Love, E X

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