When I'm Running Late...

I love sleep. So I'm late. Often. So I have a set 10 minute getting ready routine and I thought I'd share it with you.
When I wake up late, I tend to start by brushing my teeth as I can't really cut down the time I spend on that! I then grab some kind of breakfast and eat it as I get ready. 

I begin by cleansing my face with a water cleanser or micellar solution, following up with a moisturiser/serum hybrid like the Soap and Glory For Daily Youth. Makeup is kept quick and easy with a good-coverage foundation, powder, mascara, cream shadow, brow gel such as the MUA Brow Define, lip crayon and a blusher/bronzer blend like Miners Sunblushed. I use dry shampoo to add volume and soak up oils, then a strong perfume to make sure I smell good.

I have go-to outfits on late days - jeans, boots and a leather jacket is usually what I wear.

However, if I'm running super late I just tend to use a little micellar water, tinted moisturiser, powder, red lipstick and sunglasses and a hat!

What are your late morning essentials?

Love, E X

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