Birthday Haul 2014


Apologies for my MIAness recently - I've had a lot on my plate at school and in my life so I prioritised that, however now I'm back with a birthday haul! Now, usual disclaimer, I'm not trying to brag, but I like to share what I got in case anyone wants any Christmas ideas. Onto the gifts!

I always ask for a few books for Christmas and my birthday, and I was not disappointed this year! I received How to be Parisian wherever you are which is by 4 amazing French women and is a collection of tips and tricks on how to be effortlessly gorgeous always! Next one is not pictured because I just finished it but it was Alexa Chung's It which has been on my hit-list for a while - took me about an hour to read but that hour was the best-spent one of my life, no joke. Last is something a bit new - it's a poetry book. Lang Leav's Love and misadventure is the perfect book for love-drunk ladies and gents who love a good short poem: my favourite so far is 'Just Friends'.


 My bestie Ashleigh gave me this Lush gift set which, btw, is the loveliest present to get as they come so beautifully packaged and the scent lingers (seriously, my entire form room now smells of rose). The set she picked was 'Rosie' as she knows I love my rose (hey, rhymes!). The contents are so perfect for me, and they'll be reviews on some of these things going up soon! Thank you my beautiful Ashleighbubble, LOVE YOOOO!

 The next gift is one that makes me very proud of my Mother. I mentioned this box back in September when it was released and slipped in that it would probably sell out very quickly, so she ordered it there and then! It's the Glamour Power List 2014 box from latest in beauty, and they release about 4 each year - the contents of this one are seriously good - Laura Mercier Primer, Maybelline Lipstick (the shade looks like poo on me, but I'm giving it to a friend), Bourjois Mascara, Liz Earle Cleanser, James Read Tan, Philip Kingsley Heat Tamer, Eyeko Mascara Wipes... I am very excited!

 From the Bexster, my bestest bae in the whole world, I was given this unicorn soft toy from Tiger, not yet named, and a UNICORN ONESIE! I'll link to it on ebay so you can see what it looks like, but how I coped without one I don't know - I wear it all the time now and it is perfect for lounging and answering the door in... Thank You Tall, I loves ya a million!

 I love a good movie or box set, so this year I received Endless Love, Romeo and Juliet (with Douglas Booth...swoon!) and Warm Bodies, along with the entire series of The Tudors, which I loved and cannot wait to watch again!

I did receive quite a few clothing pieces, but they'll come up in OOTDs etc but these boots are my new favourite thing - just high enough that I'm (almost) as tall as the rest of my friends but I can still walk miles in them, the right size for my wide feet and the buckles are beautiful! Much love for New Look!

Thanks so much to everyone who gave me a present, card or just wished me a happy birthday - it means so much! As you saw on my instagram, I do love you all!

Love, E X

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