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As I mention in every post I can, I'm a Londoner. Therefore I know shopping in London. Well. So I decided to share my favourite shopping destinations where you can spend £ or ££££! Included are generic, well-known venues but also some less well-known ones too - enjoy!
1: Carnaby Street - oh, how I love thee, old Carnaby! Liberty's, Monki, the best Muji in London and just off is Fouberts Place where the Pixi store is. Not to mention the beautiful decor for Christmas!

2: Oxford Street - Carnaby and Oxford go hand-in-hand as they're so close, however Oxford is perfect for spending lots in Selfridges and then being frugal just as spendy in Primark (although I'd recommend the Tottenham Court Road store over the Marble Arch one!)

3: Camden Market - for vintage, food and quirky pieces, Camden is THE PLACE! I prefer the smaller stores just beyond the loch rather than the larger food market, and there are some amazing stalls in the horse yard.

4: Covent Garden Market - and for shopping in general - Artbox in Neal's Yard is a stationery lover's dream - however, the market is great too, and have lunch at Shake Shack - with curly fries, obviously!

5: Borough Market - for foodies, Borough is your dream - steer clear of the veg, it's very overpriced, but the meat is good value and they have the freshest cuts - haggle, if you feel comfortable, especially on larger cuts.

6: One New Change Centre, St Paul's - a bit of a secret is this new shopping centre with all the usual shops, plus a few more upmarket ones too. It's hidden behind St Paul's Cathedral, and is so clean and beautiful on the inside too.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Love, E X

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