10 Things I've Learnt This Year


2014 has perhaps been the best year of my life so far - so much change has happened, good and bad, but overall I've made some amazing new friends and have done so many awesome things that I hope to remember for the rest of my life.
1: it's ma'am as in ham not ma'am as in farm - how we were instructed to address The Princess Royal when we met her in March, which is an experience I'll never forget. She really was wonderful: I never thought I'd say this but I'm a bit of a converted Royalist.

2: ignore the haters - definitely a recent addition to the list, however, as one very awesome person once said, haters gonna hate. They'll still hate no matter what you do, so just ignore it and they'll either get bored or notice that you don't care and move on.

3: snapchat is the best app - a matter of opinion, however having amassed a total of over 6000 points in less than 6 months at time of writing is pretty good on my account, and it's my favourite way to communicate.

4: greece is gorgey - I made two trips to Greece this year, to Athens and Santorini, and each time I go it just gets more beautiful: next stop is either Crete or somewhere on the mainland.

5: I want an RS degree - or theology. Or philosophy. Or something else. But I've discovered a new love for religious studies through my GCSE course which, opposed to popular misconception, is not all about religion but about religious attitudes towards BIG issues such as abortion and euthanasia. A different topic for a humanist, but I do love it.

6: saying no is a good thing - not to everything, however when workload gets heavy, saying no can be the best thing for you. Number one needs looking after too. I'm happy to say that this year I've said no to Art GCSE, DofE award, a very nice boy who turned up at the wrong time and many slices of banoffee pie, which doesn't love me back.

7: music is up to opinion - no, Elizabeth, you don't have to like what's in the charts, or what your mates are blaring out of their phones during registration. It's ok to like unsigned artists and bands who are from 20 years ago, or have asked for the The 1975 album on vinyl for your birthday, not only for the sound quality, but because it's clear vinyl. Clear. Vinyl. *insert heart-eyed emoji*

8: muji sells the best stationery - and everything else too. The 0.5mm pens are heaven in a plastic casing. The notebooks are my bae. The candles dupe Diptiyque. The acrylic storage makes my room look like something from Ideal Home Mag.

9: what did I do before I owned a leather jacket? - seriously, what did I wear? And my black heeled boots? They're literally all. I. Wear. 

10: besties over boyfs - always. Note: this is best friends over boyfriends. Not girls over boys. My besties consist of guys and gals. But I'll always make time for them and no one overrules them in my life. Not even the bestest boyfriend in the world could. Fact.

(+) 11: I love football - OMG did I just say that aloud? But I do, it's fact too. I'm native to South London so Crystal Palace is my team #redandbluearmy and I watch MOTD every sunday night. No, I'm not sad.

What have you learnt this year?

Love, E X

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