Graze Box Light

Anyone really annoyed with vouchers for a 'free graze box' in magazines? Worry no more - claim your free box! I was thoroughly impressed with mine. I chose, out of the three free box options - original, kids and light - the light box within which all the snacks are under 150 calories. The box itself was delivered within a week of ordering and cost me nothing - I had to put in my card details but I cancelled the continuous boxes after this one was delivered and have not been charged anything.
Four quick run-downs on the snacks I received:

Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl - cranberries, blackcurrants and yoghurt coated raisins - a great sweet treat without the calories, I loved this with yoghurt itself as a breakfast as the berry flavours were strong and sour in a really good way!

Spicy Thai Sriracha Peas - with jumbo corn - I really don't like Thai flavours, but I gave these to my dad who said they were quite spicy but the taste was nice.

Rough Blend Peanut Butter - with pretzel sticks - I had never had peanut butter before, and I quite liked it but it wouldn't be something I'd buy again, however with the pretzel sticks it did taste good and was a great snack throughout a long day.

Hot Cross Yum - orange raisins, sponge pieces and cinnamon honey almonds - okay so this was flippin' amazing - it literally tasted like a hot cross bun when you got a bit of everything, and is so much better for me than the bready bun (if you saw my instagram post, you know the bread joke ;) - @hi_lizziep)

Personally, I would definitely order a box again if I were going on holiday as snacks to pack as they're such good little packets, and for £3.99 inc delivery it's a food steal!

Have you tried Graze?

Love, E X

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