10 Locker Essentials

Being at school 5/7 days a week, I find that I'm always missing something in my schoolbag or desk (the old fashioned ones which are my equivalent of a locker... #oldschoolproblems). Therefore, I've devised a list of my top 10 locker essentials that you NEED in your desk at work or locker at school.

1 - wet wipes - these are a must for makeup mishaps, spillages and wiping hands before lunch when the queue is too long to take the time to go to the loos and wash your hands. I recommend having a large packet of fragrance-free baby wipes as they're multi-purpose and cheaper than makeup wipes.

2 - dry shampoo - you know those days when you were too tired to wash your hair/hold the hairdryer/do anything the night before then you forgot that morning? Dry shampoo is your bestie. Or after PE? Dry shampoo. Or after school to add life to your post-ponytail mop? D.S.

3 - perfume - a light spritz of this to remove any of that fish-and-chip odour from the canteen will work wonders. It'll also attract all the boys at the bus stop.

4 - gum/mints - if your school allows gum (if not, chew quietly), it's good to have some to freshen up after lunch or school. Also, I find that chewing gum makes me less hungry.

5 - cereal bar/snack - for when chewing gum doesn't make you less hungry. I like the nakd bars as they have some great flavours that don't take too long to munch on between classes.

6 - multi-purpose moisturiser - I carry a small tub of coconut oil to put on dry spots (you know the ones), dry patches and my hands when they feel a little dry too. If your hair is looking dry too, coconut oil is amazing.

7 - tampon - because gurl, there are just those unexpected days for your or your BFF when you will thank yourself for having a spare. Just in case your bag gets stolen.

8 - deodorant - just in case you forget, or for after PE. It's a must.

9 - hair ties - my school have a strict hair-up policy, so if you're caught with your hair down and no hair ties you have to be subjected to the torture of an elastic band. OWCH! So I carry spares.

10 - vaseline - lip balm, cuticle balm, highlighter, dry skin saviour for really bad patches - vaseline can work wonders, and comes in a variety of sized pots.

What did I forget?

Love, E X

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