Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Foundation Review


I'm usually a big fan of budget foundations - Rimmel has some of the best. But when I saw this foundation for just £2 I had to try it - £2 is probably the cheapest foundation you're ever going to find on the high street, and being a Makeup Revolution fan, I had high hopes. Let's start by saying that I wasn't impressed.
First up, the good things; the colour is good, and it's rare to find a pale enough shade on the highstreet so congrats there; it didn't break me out; there's a good shade range in general; the packaging is nice and easy to use; and, the obvious, it's cheap.

However, it's pointless. It doesn't cover up anything and just blends over the skin like a tinted moisturiser with no tint. Foundation? More like lightly hydrating face cream with tint. Therefore, there was no matte effect - if anything, I just looked shinier. 

Overall, it's £2 wasted, and I hope someone else might get on with this, but I can't see it working as the formula is just completely off.

Is there a foundationt that you don't like?

Love, E X

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