Hand Dream Super Cream

I have a lot of love for Soap and Glory, along with ridiculously dry hands all year round due to eczema. So give me the opportunity to try a Soap and Glory hand cream and I'll take it. Which I did. So here's a review on one of the nicest hand creams to ever grace my mitts.
The consistency is thick, but it absorbs quickly and you only need a pea sized amount to cover each hand. The scent is that original sweet girly Soap and Glory scent which suits me - that way my hands and body scents match.

The packaging is pretty too - a different style for Soap and Glory with a matte tube, but I like it. The only quam I have is that it doesn't come in a handbag size - just this larger tube to keep on my nightstand, however I just carry Hand Food in my bag, which in my opinion is not as good but still works.

Overall, if you have dry hands, give this a go for under a tenner, or pick it up when Soap and Glory's on 3 for 2.

What are your hand care dreams?

Love, E X

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