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If you know me, you know I hate flat hair. If I'm sporting a bun, it's messy; if I have a ponytail, the top part is particularly poofy; if my hair is down, by God it's backcombed. These are my favourite products to get really big hair from the high street.

For any style, I like a lot of texture: to achieve a super texturised look, I use the Toni & Guy Rough Texturiser which really adds a lot of roughness without it being too crunchy or knotty. 

To gain height and almost extra hair, I love backcombing (but not too much as it can be damaging - remember, in, down and out; not up and down). I use a cheap backcombing brush from Primark which cost £1, and it does the job perfectly. However, to keep my backcombing in place, I love the VO5 High Volume Hairspray as it is also a volumiser!

In addition to backcombing, because it's damaging, I use an alternative - Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle - which does exactly what it says on the tin: backcombs without backcombing. It doesn't necessarily multiply the hair for styles like beehives, but it is good for backcombing to add messiness.

My final tool is bobbypins - they are an absolute essential for any hairstyle, but for styles where hair is reaching the skies, they are strong enough to hold up anything.

What are your top hair picks?

Love, E X

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