Sigma Dupes from Amazon

I wear foundation or BB cream nearly every day, however I recently realised that I don't wash my brushes as often as I most likely should and I tend to use the same brush; I had an epiphany: buy more brushes.
Which brushes? I asked myself, and onto the world wide web I went, and stumbled across these super cheap buffing brushes on amazon, which really reminded me of the Sigma Sigmax ones. They cost £3.59 from a Chinese seller and took around two weeks to arrive, however I am so impressed. The quality of the bristles is great, so soft. They haven't shown any signs of falling apart. They buff foundation, concealer and any liquid or power products in just as good as my Real Techniques ones.

I use the pointed one for concealer and BB cream, the flat top buffer for powder foundation, the angled kabuki for contour and blusher and the round top kabuki for foundation, and each work phenomenally well.

Would you buy brushes from China?

Love, E X

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