3 Purple Lipsticks

I wouldn't descibe myself as a particularly daring person, however I love makeup experimentation - especially with lip colours. Recently I've been rocking purple/lilac/mauve lips and am IN LOVE. 

My favourite glossy berry-toned purple is the Seventeen Lip Crayon in Knockout as it's super shiny and really pigmented, so not a sheer wash of glossy colour but a vibrant pop.

The perfect super cheap brighter purple is also from Seventeen - their Supreme Shine in Pink Posey which is quite blue toned so gives the illusion of whiter teeth and also adds a real daredevil edge to an outfit.

Finally my perfect matte lilac is MUA Lilac Charm; the best glide on matte which is super opaque. It also looks great with smokey eyes, and can be dressed up or down. A good alternative to a red lip for an everyday pop of colour.

What is you favourite lip colour?

Love, E X

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