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Over the years of travelling with hand luggage only, I have a good idea of how to pack for the requirements. One of the trickiest barriers to cross is that regarding liquid limitations - one small sealed bag with its contents not exceeding 100ml per item. I think I have this figured out though. 

My number one priority is facial skincare - I pack my everyday cleanser, this one being from Simple, and a scrub or acidic peel, depending on what kind of trip it is (my upcoming trip is a beach holiday, so I packed scrub). I also need an eye makeup remover, day moisturiser and night moisturiser/mask, each of which I decant into smaller pots. 

If it's a sunny break, I need sunscreen, so I pack a body cream and a face sunscreen. For hair, I pack a shampoo and conditioner, and then I keep makeup simple for a beach holiday, e.g. mascara, bb cream, concealer, lip balm, brow pencil; however, for a city break, I substitute the space taken up by the suncream for a full coverage base, primer and any other liquid makeup.

I also pack (outside of the liquids bag) powder makeup products (powder, bronzer, blush, eye palette), my toothbrush and makeup brushes.

Then, as I do have a small liquid allowance, I do buy toothpaste, body cream, a body spray (to replace perfume), deodorant and shower gel at the airport, as they are some of the cheaper products I can just leave at the hotel/villa.

What are your travel tricks?

Love, E X

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