10 Things That Make Me Happy: May 2015


I was contemplating writing a quite negative 'Life Lately' post today, however instead I thought I'd make it more positive by writing about 10 things that make me happy right now - and there are definitely more than ten but let's limit myself as what's life without limits?

1 - holidays!
I'd be a very silly human if I didn't enjoy holidays - I'm lucky enough to be off to Spain in a couple of weeks and I only recently returned from Italy and have more holidays to come! How exciting!

2 - making new friends
As my final maths lecture at Imperial is this month, I'll reflect on what a wonderful experience it has been and thank all the lovely people I've met and made friends with over the past nine months.

3 - leaving bad friendships
Yes - it's made me happy. Last month I realised that I was in a toxic friendship and was apparently the last person to realise it - a lot of other amazing girls have helped me escape it and I am now a much happier little lady - thank you Italy Squaaa' - you're the best.

4 - new music
Oooh I love the entire James Bay album, and have been blasting out showtunes and Disney songs with one of my top girls Fi - we love Wicked 'What is this Feeling?' and Frozen 'Love is an Open Door' obviously!

5 - Amazon Prime
I indulged in purchasing Amazon Prime for myself last month and have been watching loads of TV on my iPad - my mum and nan both have my login too as it's not limited to one device. I'd recommend the US version of 'Mistresses' and 'The Walking Dead' as they're both great!

6 - letting out a secret
I kept my relationship secret for a year as my old best friend hated my boyfriend, but now she's out of the picture, we don't have to be secretive and can have a proper relationship and be that cheesy couple.

7 - exams
Yes - not a typo! I will be so relieved to have this year's mocks out of the way after this month as my entire year group are so stressed and it's causing so much tension! I'll be happy when I've done my English papers especially!

8 - curry nights
Every other Friday night is curry night at Grandma's house and my current favourite is a vegetable Saag as it's so tasty! With a naan too, obviously!

9 - cuticle care
My nails were so atrocious last month so I treated myself to a manicure and now they're all clean and smart! I need to keep it up now!

10 - Instagramming
If you follow me - @hi_lizziep - you'll know that I have been posting a lot more frequently and so will be from now on! Food, friends, fashion - anything and everything really!

What's making you happy?

Love, E X

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