Five Minutes to Go From Day-to-Night

We've all been there - you've left late and only have a couple of minutes to get ready for a night out. Here are three tricks you can pull off in five minutes and not be too late to dinner!

1 - add heels - even if you're wearing jeans, adding a pair of heels, whether they're peep toe or court shoes, just make an outfit look ten times more chic and sophisticated. Plus, you can add brightly coloured shoes to add a real pop to a monochrome look.

2 - change your hair - do something: let it out, add dry shampoo, pull it into a messy plait. Make a change from your normal hair look and it immediately looks like you've made an effort - I like the knot-bun, where you pull your hair back and take two secrtions, tie them in a knot (possibly two if you have long hair) and then twist it around itself and bobby pin in place.

3 - smokey eyes - a darker eye can take any look and make it look like it was made for the evening. I use the method I shared in this post to get my smudgy eyes with just an eye pencil, mascara and the optional liquid liner. So simple, but so effective.

How do you go from day to night?

Love, E X

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