Spring Pastel Nail Shades


I hardly ever discuss nail polish on this blog, however I love it and am almost always wearing it when not at school. These are six shades from my stash that I think are perfect for the spring and that I have been wearing recently.

If you're looking for the perfect lilac... try Maybelline's 'Lilac Charm' as it looks great on most skintones and is not a bright lilac but is slightly grey toned so doesn't look like a nail colour you'd give a 5 year old!

If you're looking for long-wearing polishes... try NYC - their blue called 'Raindrop' is gorgeous and the brush is large enough to sweep over your entire nail. It lasts a week easily.

If you're looking for something similar to a mint green but not... try Avon 'Sprightly Mint' - it's a dupe for Essie's 'Absolutely Shore' and is such a fast drying polish. Also looks amazing with a matte top coat.

If you're looking for an alternative to pastels... try Barry M 'Lychee' as it's still a nude and doesn't look wintry, but is a glossy colour for any skintone except those who are between medium and super pale as it will make you look a little bit ill!
If you're looking for Essie 'Fiji' but cheaper... try 'Easy Going' by Sinful Colours as it really looks similar and is the perfect pastel baby pink that looks flattering and girly.
If you're a Harry Potter lover... try Seventeen's 'Sherbet Lemon'; as well as being a beautiful lemon yellow, it references to the beloved Potter. What's not to love?

What spring nail shade do you love to wear?

Love, E X

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