Soap and Glory Concealer Review | Kick Ass Concealer and Trick and Treatment

 As confessed in my last concealer post, I am a concealer junkie. I love them and I especially love this dynamic duo from Soap and Glory.

The Kick Ass Concealer is the favourite from most bloggers as it boasts a high coverage and super blendable creamy consistency. The powder is fabulous for setting the under-eye area as it is not cakey at all - a great touch-up product to carry in your bag.

The powder puff is cuuute!
Such lovely fingerprints. Well done Elizabeth.

 The Trick and Treatment Under Eye Concealer is equally as good but not equally as raved about. This claims to cover dark circles whilst also treating them with 'peptide dark circle reducers'. I'm not sure about the reducers but the concealer works a treat at covering my blueish bags and lasts a while too!

Swatchy swatchy...

I hope this review was helpful - any questions please leave in the comments x
What are your favourite concealers?
Love, Lizzie x


  1. Great post! I've been reading lots about Soap & Glory makeup, where do you get it from? The compact concealer looks pretty nifty - it reminds me of a similar concealer by Bobbi Brown! I've got really white skin, the swatches looked pretty dark - do they come in other colours?

    Thanks Emily x

    1. Hi Emily, I'm pretty pale too but the concealers work well on me - they sort of adapt to my skin tone - this is the lightest shade :( . I find my Soap and Glory makeup in Boots! Maybe they're dupes for the Bobbi Brown? Love Lizzie x


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