Weekend Haul #4 | Poundland, Primark, Superdrug, Tiger

 My summer holidays began on Wednesday and I celebrated with a shopping trip on Thursday - so it's not really a weekend haul but whatever! Let's get on with the pruchases then...

 This adorable jar spoke to me and made me buy it - it's from Tiger and was £4. It contains Danish butter cookies and says: These butter cookies are from Denmark, a small country full of fairy tales, kings and queens... and a rather large export of bacon. Our queen lives in a castle guarded by soldiers wearing Bearskin hats. The queen loves her sausage dogs, and they love Danish butter cookies for breakfast... I imagine. I also imagine how the Vikings would eat cookies in the afternoon. I eat mine in the evening with a nice glass of cold milk... Enjoy yours - as you like.
How freaking cute!
In Poundland I found some fab bargains. As you can probably see I have already enjoyed some of my Dairy Milk Oreo chocolate bar - the best chunky chocolate bar! The I also purchased Polos to keep my breath minty fresh! Two amazing finds were the Pantene Pro V Lightweight Nourishing Mask and the Dainty Doll Eyeshadow Base. The hair mask smells amazing and I'm sure will be fabulous! The eye base in 'Frankie Girl' is a bit like benefit lemon aid but with a bit of shimmer - they had all the eyeshadow shades but none of the blushes or lip products - I'd like to try the cream blush if they get them in for £1!

 From superdrug I bought 3 travel minis for £3  for my weekends away to Southhampton and Brighton this summer (what's in my travel bags coming soon x). I found the Sure deodorant - Dove green tea and cucumber is my favourite but I couldn't find it so I settled for this. Batiste is great if I don't want to wash my hair and I won't be for 1 night away so I bought this travel size in floral and flirty blush. Then this 7 pack of the simple face wipes will work as a makeup remover for travel - I've heard good things :) Next is the NYC Nail Polish in Raindrop -  a sort of Tiffany blue that is perfect for summer! Two coats is enoguh for full opacity. Then I bought another Look Lip Liner - this one is in Petal Nude a really pretty pink. B.Pure Micellar Water is my fave and I need back ups - it's on offer too so I'd better stock up!

 From Primark I found this gorgeous vest like my one with butterflies on. This is a sheer material and can be worn on its own but I like to wear them with bandeus underneath. It has purple and red roses over it in a sort of cross-stitch pattern and green leaves with pops of orange - super light and cute! I found this foldable shopping bag - I have a blue one and this one will be for my dad when he goes to the library.
I also bought some more cotton pads - these ones are the best value at £1 for 160. I almost fainted when I found this cute makeup bag as it's exactly what I have been looking for - it hangs up and has 3 clear compartments - perfect for travel. It was so much cheaper than other ones I've been looking at as it was only £4 - brilliant!

I hope you enjoyed this haul - follow me on bloglovin' (to the right) to be kept up to date with new posts! What have you bought recently?

Love, Lizzie x

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