Natural Collection Blushers SWATCHED - Dupes for MAC Blushers??? | Dusky Pink, Peach Melba, Pink Cloud, Sweet Cheeks, Sugar Plum, Rosey Glow

 I love Natural Collection as a brand - they're cheap and, with the exception of a few misses, have some really impressive products. There are a few dupe-y products in their line including a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe and a few amazing lipsticks.
Today I'll be swatching and reviewing their blushes - I own every shade and wear a NC blush most days. The shades look fairly similar swatched but on the cheeks they look different, though I don't think you need every shade! They are creamy and have a lasting power of around 5 hours.

They cost £1.99 each
They come in 6 shades
They are available at Boots
They are fragrance-free
ALL shades are matte

 Dusky Pink is a rosey pink colour that leaves your cheeks glowy.

 Peach Melba is raved about in the blogging community - it is a subtle peachy colour.
 Pink Cloud is a light pink colour - possibly the least pigmented but lovely for no makeup-makeup looks.
DUPE FOR: MAC Well Dressed

 Sweet Cheeks is a gorgeous pinky-coral. The most pigmented, this is to be used with a light hand!

 Sugar Plum is a lovely warm brown shade that is perfect for contouring the face.

Rosey Glow is very similar to Dusky Pink but is a little more brown-toned. If you own one, you don't really need the other.

I hope this review/swatch post was helpful - leave me a comment saying which colour is your favourite/what blush dupes you have!

Love, Lizzie x

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