Fashionista Blush Palette Review and Swatches | London, New York, Rose Thrill, Cinnamon

 My fashionista blush palette is well-loved and I use these colours all the time - I'd definitely recommend them!
I thought I'd swatch my palette - 4 shades that are all different but gorgeous!

This orangey peach blush is one of my favourites and I wear it all the time + I had to get it because it's called London and I live in London LOL!
 Rose Thrill
A super pigmented hot pink that is really bright looks fabulous - you should use a light hand otherwise we'll end up looking like Aunt Sally.

 New York
The recommendations of MissBudgetBeauty swayed me into choosing this and I love it for glowy cheeks - this is good if you have a heavy hand as it is not too pigmented.

I love this for natural looks - it's a warm brown pink shade that is lovely for pale skin tones

Hope these swatches helped you - I'd buy your palette now as Fashionista and MUA have combined and there's a huge sale!
Love, Lizzie x

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