A New Blog Design Courtesy of Sinead from Fashion and Beauty Tribes | Thanks!

A change has been made...
Sinead from Fashion and Beauty Tribes designed and made my amazing new blog design for her new blog design shop. I'd been thinking about purchasing a blog design for a while and jumped at the chance of having one of my favourite bloggers make it for me! 

It's exactly what I wanted - Sinead was on the ball with emailing even when I wasn't and replied to messages minutes after them being sent. She was really easy to understand and that made choosing what I wanted very simple. With a few ideas but mostly free reign, Sinead completed my blog design in two days! 

I cannot recommend Sinead's service enough - she was (is) fabulous! Her shop will always be linked at the right hand side of my blog if you're ever interested!
My blog is now so much brighter and fresher - I am so thrilled! Being a technology noob and not knowing too much about blog designing this was fabby!

Thanks so much Sinead!

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