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 We're not ASDA shoppers normally - we have our groceries delivered. But when my mother and I had the oppurtunity to use the car on a weekday (my dad uses it for work most days) we decided to venture to ASDA and, although not the most pleasant experience (posh totty alert), I did find a few bargains including an amazing offer on Simple skincare that I just had to share - 3 for £6 on most of the range (and the branded lines are incredibly discounted anyway!).

 The first thing I picked were these Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes. I've been curious to try these for a while but with a price tag of £4.20 in Boots I opted for my usual botanics ones; however, at just £2 they were worth a try.

 My go-to toner for night time is this Soothing Facial Toner as it is alcohol free so is refreshing and not aggravating after my cleansing balm. A repurchase and a definite essential.

The last item I chose was this Sun-Kissed Moisturiser, on the recommendation of SineadyCady. It claims to also be a gradual tanner and as I was running out of my Yes to Cucumbers one I thought I'd try it. It hasn't broken me out (yet) but I can't see the tanning effects - will report back!

My recipt said I saved £6 with ASDA prices giving me a total of £12 - however, if I had purchased these items in Boots without any offers I would have paid £14.18, therefore I feel I saved £8.18 - I'll definitely be popping into ASDA again soon for cheap school supplies (and maybe a few more skincare bits!).

Other Bargain Items Spotted: 2 for £10 on nspa (including £8 cleansers)
£5 and £6 for Maybelline BB Cream and Gel Eyeliner
3 for £3 on ASDA Teen Skin Line
3 for £10 on Aussie Haircare
3 for £10 on Tresemme
2 for £4 on Herbal Essences

+ many more great offers!

Where do you find to be the best bargain supermarket?

Love, Lizzie x

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