Which Gradual Tanner Is Better? Palmers or Dove? | Drugstore Gradual Tanners Review and Comparison

Summer is when I bring out the shorts, and after a Spring of living in jeans and tights for school my legs are looking pretty pasty. Enter: fake tan. I just like a little colour so gradual tanners work fine for me - I've been using two so I'll tell you the pros, the cons and which one is better!

NB: I apply both with a mitt from St Tropez and have very fair skin. It is not particularly dry. I always exfoliate and apply a separate body lotion before applying fake tan.

Tanner #1
Dove Summer Glow Lotion

No streaks
Very moisturising
Does not cling to knees/elbows
Not too orange
2 shade choices

Not much colour change over 1 use (light version)
A lot of product needed for each use
Bottle hard to squeeze to remove product

Tanner #2
Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

Colour change after one use
No streaks
Not too orange
Cocoa smell at first application

Clings to knees and elbows (even after exfoliation)
Tan smell onb morning after application
One shade

Which do I prefer?

If I were to recommend one, I'd say the Dove as it is easier to apply and doesn't cling to drier patches. However, buy the darker shade no matter what skintone you are so you get a good colour!

Have you tried fake tans? Which are your faves?

Love, Lizzie x

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