Empties/Products I've Used Up #3 | August 2013

A few empties this time - strangely, after photographing these I found about 10 more empty products around the house! Another will be coming soon x

 I'm always using tissues up - 3 boxes in 3 months!

 I use wipes as a quick fix - the primark ones are good in a hurry but I wouldn't dare put them near my eyes! Botanics wipes are my favourites but only when on offer or as a 'special treat' (what sort of crazy lady treats herself to wipes?). No7 are good too but for £7 are not worth it. These simple ones were a travel pack for a night away but were actually very nice and I will be repurchasing.

 I spoke about this shampoo and conditioner in my haircare routine and although they were very nice I'll be trying different things. The hair mask from Herbal Essences was lovely but nothing particularly amazing.

 This dry shampoo from superdrug did nothing for my hair but smelt good. Dove deodorants were my go-to but I'm a Mitchum convert *no sweat* This sample of the Percy and Reid No Oil Oil didn't really do much - I have quite thick hair and this was targeted at finer hair so maybe it worked for you? A body butter from soap and glory was lush and this cooling mist was great in the hot weather.

 Peaches and Clean *wails "why why did you have to run out!!!" I LOVE IT and have to repurchase even though they did change the packaging though not the formula. NEED THIS!!!!!!! No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser was okay but I've moved on - Boots Botanics balm, baby! This Mudd Mask is amazing at removing blemishes and leaving skin really clean though could also work for answering the door on October 31st! MUA Setting Spray was good and will be repurhasing when others are finished. Hand gel - always a must.

My Mum added an empty - the 17 Beehive lipstick that she love. I even managed to scrape way more out of it as the bullet is an extra 2cm deep! my elf concealer has been out for a while and is perfect for naturally covering dark circles. Natural collection clear mascara - I keep forgetting to repurchase but I need tp - remind me, someone? Last is a bit of a cheat but I must share my favourite drink - M&S Pink Cranberry Lemonade - it is to die for!

What have your used up recently?

Love, Lizzie x

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