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I love makeup and am always on the hunt for places online where I can find it cheaper. I love being able to get a rimmel lipstick RRP £6.59 for 99p - I can get 6 for the price of one! Here are the best places I've found - genuine products. Sometimes ebay is good but is not included as you can be conned with fake products.


 I've found some amazing deals on amazon - Pixi Eye Crayons for £5, Miners Cosmetics (cheaper delivery than ordering direct) and Lipstick Cubes at good prices. Another plus is that you can contact amazon if your order doesn't arrive or if there is a problem and the service is 100% secure!

Beauty Bay

Not always my first choice for big discounts but they do good sales and free delivery - a good one to keep browsing for gems.

Cheap Smells

A lot of these fragrance websites also stock cosmetics - a good one for nails and perfume.

Fragrance Direct

My favourite for cosemtics - they have essies for £1.99! I have made several orders all arriving in good time and everything being great quality - perfect! Check this one out for high street makeup at really low prices and newer rimmel releases before they're in boots or superdrug + new apocalips shades are £5.50!


An easy to access shop is poundland - they do a lot of rimmel and cheaper haircare with foreign labelling, but is still good. I love them for makeup and hair masks!


 Xtras have stores in the north of England but thats about it - they do free delivery on orders over a tenner and do good cheap products from less available brands.

Another great shop for slightly cheaper makeup and skincare is Wilkinsons but I didn't mention as the discount isn't a lot.
I hope you check out these websites and find a few good bargains - if you've found any good shops/websites leave them below! I'd love to hear what bargains you've found.

Love,  Lizzie x


  1. I love a bargain website for cheap cosmetics, great post x


    1. Me too (as you can probably tell!) Now I really want to try the L'Oreal Ever Riche line x


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