What's In My Travel Makeup Bag? #2 | Summer 2013

Posting from a hotel in the dark so may not be the best quality as photo was taken in the dark too! Had to get a post up today though so bad quality will have to do - back to good posts on Thursday!

On my trip to Southampton I packed light - one base, concealer and a few extras.

First up is my Avon SPF as it was sunny and I don't want to get burned! For a light base for the evening I took my revlon bb cream as it doesn't last too long and I'd only be wearing it for a couple of hours. Powder and concealer were the revlon nearly naked and maybelline fit me. My blush choices were 2 - elf candid coral and max factor soft pink. For eyes I chose the colour tattoo in bronze as it primes and adds a nice hint of colour x for mascara, you guessed loreal telescopic! Lips was just baby lips in pink punch and rimmel lip gloss in peach fusion.

Sorry for the crap post but stay tuned til thurs for a better blog x

Love, Lizzie xxx

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