Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in Promised Land Review + Swatches | Dupe for MAC All That Glitters?

I recently made a cheeky little superdrug order of 4 bits from Makeup Revolution, a newly launched brand that is of a similar price range to MUA and has been receiving many wonderful reviews. I only ordered a few things but I'm really impressed so far and reviews should be up over the next few weeks.

Today's product review is on the single eyeshadow in Promised Land - this is super pigmented, metallic and such a great buttery consistency for just £1! I love the rose-gold hue and it reminds me a lot of MAC's All That Glitters for just a tenth of the cost. I would definitely recommend picking up a shade or two of these as the colours are gorgeous and the quality is awesome!

What will you try from Makeup Revolution?

Love, E X

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