Neal's Yard Lavender and Aloe Vera Deodorant Review | Does this natural deodorant work?

My mum was gifted this from a friend of her's who had also been given it as a present, however they were both too coward to use it as it's not your generic deodorant. But me, I jumped at the opportunity to try a natural deodorant. So is it any good? I'll argue that with myself now:

#1: It honks. Not really like lavender or aloe vera, more just a very herbal, medicinal scent that Neal's Yard uses in a lot of their products. Doesn't really float my boat but I'm sure many people love it.

#2: It's a jet squirt. The spray literally squirts onto your armpits so you end up using a lot more than you need - probably should change the cap to more of a mist.

#3: It stings slightly when you apply it. You can feel a little burning sensation under your pits when you first spray but that goes very quickly and is nothing I can't handle. However, I would not recommend applying to abraded skin - owch!

#4: It does keep me from perspiring. Like, it works. Post-dance workout and I'm feeling a little sweaty but I can reapply.

#5: I love the packaging (other than the cap). It looks very chic and feels expensive due to the glass bottle.

Overall, if you're into natural beauty I would try it, it's only £8 (though I don't think it would last long) and it does work as a deodorant.

What natural beauty products have you tried?

Love, E X


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