June InstaUpdate #1 | Life Lately

 As many of you will know I have recently joined the insta-world and I am loving it! @hi_lizziep if you want to follow me, I post a couple of times a week. However, I will be doing monthly//every other month updates on the pictures I have been instagramming: this is number 1...


#glasses-selfie  |  best way to start a saturday - #luckycharms

#ootds for the weekend  |  #homework and #hair on a sunny afternoon

#motorsportatthepalace  |   #ootds for the weekend #monochrome

#halfterm - new look jumpsuit//visiting family//ice cream//pret is a train essential//george smith's voice! *insert heart-eyed emoji!*//kensington palace  |  looking at 70s family photos + the pj shorts make their 3rd blog appearance

Follow me on instagram! What have you been posting?

Love, E X

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