Don't want to make do, just want to tell you I like you | Summer June 2014 Wedding Guest OOTD

 dress - dorothy perkins // shoes - new look // bag - primark // necklace - next

I love weddings, and for me this was the perfect outfit to wear for this hot sticky day. My role in this ceremony was babysitter - the woman I babysit for wanted to be able to have fun at the wedding so I was roped in to look after her darling devilish daughter so I needed to be able to move about and run after a 3 year old - fun! The flatform shoes let me run easily without slipping and the dress is super comfy so it's easy to move in. My bag was stashed under a table most of the day. I will admit to putting my hair into a messy bun during the service as I did not fancy being bald thanks to little miss emma becoming very bored and pulling at my locks.

I think this dress will be perfect for an Athens day (less than 3 weeks as you're reading this!) and am uber excited for my holiday - anyone fancy a packing post?

Love, E X

(title lyrics from: Just Right by Tessa Violet)

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