Primark Haul Blog June 2014 | + A Bit of Beauty from Superdrug

 Today I popped into my local Primark to just pick up some bobby pins and then... this happened! Thought I would share what I picked up, along with a couple of bits from Superdrug.

 First thing I chose was this cushion I remember seeing in a haul on The Persian Babe (Barbara's) channel. It is a simple cotton material with the word 'hug' and its definition - would love to see more words put on cushions like this! It was a bargain too at just £4.

I've been looking for loose-fitting v neck tees in Primark a lot recently, and this is the only 'staple' colour I could find - they had white but it was completely see-through. I love this style to wear over distressed jeans (I distress my own jeans at home, don't buy them distressed!) or with shorts and it was only £4 also.

Next were these £1 flip flops - if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I pick up a couple of pairs of Primark flip flops every year as I don't tend to suit sandals and these are so comfy for me.

What I went in for - bobby pins - and another pair of sunglasses: these are the men's tortoiseshell wayferer style that cost just £1.50. I prefer the men's to the women's as they fit around the eyes a little less straight.

Last from Primark is this men's button-up shirt which cost me just £5 - I tend to steal all my dad's shirts and wear them as shown in the second picture, as they make the perfect replacement cardis in cooler weather. I picked up mine in a 15" collar which is a size smaller than my dad and fits my neck fine.

The couple of superdrug bits are this ViviannaDoesMakeup-raved Rimmel BB Tan in the Light Matte variety - can't wait to try this out on my pins, they're looking a little pale even with my Dove gradual tanner applied 4 times! This was about £4. The second product is one of the new MUA Velvet Lip Laquer shades in Serene. It's a much brighter pink than my camera is showing - think a pinker St Germain. It is beautiful and the formula of these is amazing for £3 each!

Thought I'd mention the amazing underwear Primark is currently offering - I didn't really feel comfortable showing my undies on the interwebs (my (guy)friends can read this blog!) but they have gorgeous sets for smaller-boobed girls (A-C cup) with bras and pants in a variety of colours for £3!! - I picked up mint green but am going back for ALL others! They also have adorable knickers if you need some new ones!

What have you bought recently?

Love, E X


  1. Love that pillow! x

    1. It's so adorable, think it's going to sell out quickly though!


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