Athens Wishlist #6 | Summer 'Wants' List 2014

I am super excited for my trip to Athens in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS eek! I'm glad to say that the hotel has wifi, thank God don't know what I would have done without facebook//instagram//snapchat//messenger, and I can imagine how most of us girls are going to be after we arrive at the hotel (ie barging past the teacher screaming 'what's the password!!!'). There is a dress code we have to follow whilst on this trip, which mostly consists of no bum-skimming shorts or flashing your undies. I have opted for dresses during the hot days as they're an easy option for not a lot of effort. I do need to pick up a few supplies before I go so I set out the 'fun' bits in this post.

They have said no ballet flats or sandals for our walks, to which my reaction was that I own no other shoes, so I need some trainers. These plain H&M ones look easy, and for £15 seem a bargain, though they have to fit my wide feet!

I have run out of Effaclar Duo right at the moment when I'm breaking out the most (embarassing story actually, thanks mother nature for coming as I finish my spot treatment and in the middle of a drama workshop at the Globe. Thanks. Really appreciate it.)  I'll pick this up on a flying visit to Boots tomorrow along with...

... Essie's Watermelon. A shade I've wanted for a while, this pink will be perfect for my hands and toes over the summer as it's so bright and, well, summery!

This H&M skirt is something I've wanted for a while, a complete steal at less than a tenner, I love the loose fit and prints. I need them all, but am waiting for them to have 10s in stock as the length of the eight is a tad butt skimming.

Lastly I need a hat. No hats fit my titchy head or just look weird. I.E. (in my humble opinion) snapbacks=chav // baseball cap=sporty // bowler=winter. Trilby hats look best but they are always too big, maybe I need to look in the kids' section...

What's on your summer wishlist? Any holiday plans?

Love, E X

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