I'm 15 - in three years I can get a tattoo... but what are the pros and cons of getting one, and what would it be?
Recently, at a maths lecture of all places, I was doodled upon by someone I didn't know (great icebreaker, by the way!) and literally, this biro ink stayed put on my arm for weeks. He drew a triangle, circle and square in small across my arm, and I loved having them there, so much so that I drew them back after they disappeared; unfortunately, my pens are not as long wearing.

However, I did enjoy having a tattoo of sorts. I have been on tumblr, looking at tattoo designs and trying to pick what I like and where I like it, by drawing them on in different places in biro. My personal favourites so far are a right-angled triangle with the two shorter sides marked with 3 and 4, and the hypotenuse as x (because I'm a maths nerd...) or two bird outlines on my wrist. 

Obviously, I still have a few years to decide and I might not even get a tattoo: pen's enough for me at the moment!

Do you have any tattoo tips?

Love, E X

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