Is Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Worth the Hype?

When I received this is a beauty box from Latest in Beauty, I was so excited - I've heard so many bloggers rave about the Laura Mercier primers that I knew I would have caved and bought it myself eventually, but now I had this travel-size to try, would I like it?
First, evaluating the packaging, it's cool - the lid screws on properly, the feel is good, it's a nice size. Personally, the nozzle to the tube could be a bit smaller, but that's due to my lack of self control when squeezing. 

The product itself is fabulous. It smooths out my skin, keeps my makeup in place I KID YOU NOT all day. I was out from 7am (that's applying my makeup at half 6) til 9pm - that's 14 hours, kiddos - and my face makeup looked pristine. Like I'd just applied it. I am so impressed.

Finally, the price. The full-size of one of these is £29 - shocking. However, it is beautiful, and I would ask for it as a gift. Plus, a little really does go a long way (ie pea sized amount for your whole face) so I think this diddy size should last me a good while anyhow.

What is your favourite primer?

Love, E X

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