Unspoken Rules of the Theatre

I'm a theatre nut, as are my grandparents, and henceforth we attend theatre productions quite regularly at the West End. And, with attending so many shows, you get to know the unpoken 'rules' of going to the theatre, and it was only when I went to see Wicked (for the fourth time *cough*) with my school group that I noticed these 'laws'. So I've spoken the unspoken... sorry theatre Gods:
Rule #1: it's not panto - therefore, no wooping, booing, gasping, nor any shouting of "he's behind you". It isn't a pantomime, or necessarily suitable for children who'd shout, but shouting isn't appropriate at the theatre.

Rule #2: don't buy the booze - it's not good quality wine, despite what the 16 year-old barman tells you, and the cocktails are made from a recipe book. No one qualified needs a recipe.

Rule #3: smart/casual doesn't mean jeans - but it doesn't mean bring out the pearls: wear attire you'd like to be seen by your grandparents.

Rule #4: when they say no phones or photos, they mean it - they're not trying to be mean, but having your phone on messes with the sound system and therefore having your phone out could potentially ruin the whole evening for everyone. Be considerate.

Obviously these are just some rules, but enjoy being at the theatre! It's such an amazing thing to do with friends or family, with a meal too, around this time of year.

Love, E X

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